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  • Spillefilm ugeløn
    • Løn: 11.001 kr
    • Pension 7,6%:  836 kr
    • Div fonde 1,1%: 121 kr
  • Seriefiktion ugeløn
    • Løn: 10.034 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 762,58 kr
    • Løn + pension: 10.796,58 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 100,34 kr
  • Seriefiktion dagsløn:
    • Løn: 2.207,48 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 167,77 kr
    • Løn + pension: 2375,25 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 22,07 kr
  • Kortfilm og Dokumentar ugeløn
    • Løn: 9.489 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 721,15 kr
    • I alt: 10.210 kr
  • Reklamefilm
    • Løn: 3.500 kr
      • 25% ved 9. og 10. time
      • 100% ved 11. time
      • 150% ved 12. time
      • 200% ved 13. time og derover
      • 100 kr genetillæg mellem 18-24
      • 200 kr genetillæg mellem 24-06

Fotografassistent (2. ass.)

  • Spillefilm ugeløn
    • Løn: 7.463 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 567 kr
    • Div fonde 1,1%: 82 kr
  • Seriefiktion ugeløn
    • Løn: 7.243 kr
    • Pension 7.6%: 550,47 kr
    • Løn + pension: 7.793,47 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 77,43
  • Seriefiktion dagsløn
    • Løn: 1.593,46 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 121,10 kr
    • Løn + pension: 1.714,56 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 15,93 kr
  • Kortfilm og dokumentar ugeløn
    • Løn: 6.437 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 489,20 kr
    • I alt: 6.926 kr
  • Reklamefilm
    • Løn: 2.500 kr
      • 25% ved 9. og 10. time
      • 100% ved 11. time
      • 150% ved 12. time
      • 200% ved 13. time og derover
      • 100 kr genetillæg mellem 18-24
      • 200 kr genetillæg mellem 24-06

Clapper Loader / DIT / Videoassistent

  • Spillefilm ugeløn
    • Løn: 5.957 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 453 kr
    • Div fonde 1,1%: 66 kr
  • Seriefiktion ugeløn
    • Løn: 6.000 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 456 kr
    • Løn + pension: 6.456 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 60 kr
  • Seriefiktion dagsløn
    • Løn: 1.100 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 83,60 kr
    • Løn + pension: 1.183,60 kr
    • Helligdags 1%: 11 kr
  • Kortfilm og dokumentar ugeløn
    • Løn: 5.138 kr
    • Pension 7,6%: 390,49 kr
    • I alt: 5.529 kr

Review: Lowepro Pro Roller x200

As you gradually get more and more photographic equipment the space in your already purchased photo bags disappears quickly. Therefore it was time for me to buy a new bag and this time a bag which there would still be space in it for a year or two to come.


This time I chose the Lowepro Pro Roller x-series, including the x200 model. As seen in the picture it’s a whole suitcase. The Lowepro Pro Roller x-series  includes three different bags in sizes which the x200 model is the one in the middle. Common to all of them is that they have the same functionality built in, and therefore they do not miss something in one model over the other (except more space).

My reflections before the purchase of this half expensive bag was if I would have room for all of my current photographic equipment, new equipment that I would buy over time but also if there would be room for clothes for longer trips (e.g. a holiday abroad) so I would not have to travel with 2-3-4 or 5 various bags. Similarly the flexibility of the bag has also been an important topic for me.

The bag itself looks on the outside as every other suit cases. It has two large wheels (with a negative camper for better stability, and if they become worn out they can easily be replaced) at the bottom, a few pockets in front for documents and a 15,4″ laptop computer and it has a pull-out handle in two parts in the top. On the back side of the case it has a support foot that can fold out so that the bag can be tilted (see picture) for easier access to the contents of the bag. Cool feature.


At the top of the handle there is a hidden tripod socked under a rubber flap. Using the supplied screw it is possible to use the bag and handle as a tripod for the camera, a flash or whatever you need. A useful feature for photographers on the travel who want to use its equipment creative.

On the side of the bag is mounted Lowepro’s so-called Lock & Go locking system – a locking system with a steel wire that can be put through all the zippers on the bag and by using a self-selected 3-digit code the system can be locks up. One good thing when the bag are easily worth many thousands of dollars of photographic equipment  Even through you have endless attempts to break it it will still take some 999 combinations to go through.

There are two pockets on the front side of the bag, one of which is reserved for a laptop. My 15,4″ laptop can just squeeze in it. If the bag is full packed and sealed you will have to use some force to make the laptop fit in the pocked, which it is a good idea to open the bag when you would have to take the computer out.

When you opens the bag you will find the familiar room dividers which comes in many of Lowepros‘ other bags. Unfortunately the bag can only be divided in one general way as the two big middles are too big to be placed in the other direction  My thoughts before purchasing the bag was to organize half of the bag for camera equipment using the room dividers and the other half of clothes (without any room dividers). This can not be done.

Another negative thing inside the bag is the height  I soon found out that the bag was missing 2-3 cm in height it there should be room for my 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM lens standing upright. Therefore it have to lie down which is a rather unfortunate feature according to me as they occupy much unnecessary space.

On the inside of the cover you will find two large pockets in which all the loose things can be stored. In addition you will find three pickets for CF cards that with the help of small flaps keep track of whether the card is used or empty. This is a really smart feature. In addition there are a small ‘office’ whit room for a couple of pens, business cards etc.

If you travel a lot and often by plane it is always a good ide a to take your expensive camera equipment in your hand luggage. In addition a whole suitcase often is too big, but Lowepro has a solution for this. The whole section with the camera equipment can be separated from the rest of the suitcase so that you now have two bags. A suitcase and a backpack. The zipper that connect the two bags can be a little tight in it, especially in the corners, so it might require a little effort. With the camera bag out of the suitcase the suitcase can still be used as for example ordinary luggage such as clothing etc.

If you often use an external flash with a large battery as power supply you can use the suitcase as a stand for the flash and the battery itself can be placed inside the bag and therefore easily be transported around the location.

You can also take the whole case with you as hand luggage. By the three Lowepro Pro Roller x-series models, it’s only the x100 and x200 that will fit as hand luggage as the largest x300 version is too big.


On the side and front of the bag it is possible to mount your tripod for transporting which makes it easier when you are on-the-go.

Even with a full bag and a tripod on the side the bag is running very stable over any surface. My general experience with suitcases on an ordinary sidewalk is a somewhat wobbling affair, but with the Lewepro Pro Roller x200 and the wide and robust wheels the bag is running very stable and quiet after your self.

According to Lowepro the x200 has the following dimensions:

Camera: 31 x 16,8 x 50,5 cm
Computer: 32,5 x 3 x 46 cm


– Lock & Go locking system
– The bag can be divided into two
– Plenty of room
– Tripod Mount in the handle
– Supporting foot on the back
– Large and robust wheels (which can be replaced)
– Ability to set a tripod onto either the front or side of the bag
– The hight of the camera room is too small
– Hard to place the computer in the computer room when the bag is closed
– Very difficult to lock bags from each other, especially in the corners – it goes very tight
– Increased ability to personalize division of the camera room

The bag was purchased from at a price of 3150 DKK. The bag was at that time not in stock.



Just to give an idea of how much that can fit in your bag:

Canon EOS 1D mk III
Canon EOS 7D

Samyang 8mm f/3,5 fisheye
Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5,6 EX DC HSM
Tokina 11-16mm f/2,8 Af X DX
Canon EF 24mm f/1,4 L USM II
Canon EF 24-70mm f2,8 L USM
Canon EF 50mm f/1,2L USM
Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II
Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM
Canon EF 135mm f/2 L USM

Canon Speedlite 580ex II
2x GoPro Hero HD + accessories
RØDE Videomig Pro
Zacuto Z-finder 3x

Batteries + accessories
Canon air blower
2x 77mm filter
Working gloves
Various cables, chargers, batteries


In addition, there is still room for a 15.4″ laptop with charger and a tripod.


The Lowepro Pro Roller x200 can easily be used for storage of the Glidecam HD-2000 steadycam as it fits perfect in the middle of the case.